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Adventure Box Club
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Vision & Mission

To provide an environment where kids (grades1-6) can experience fun and adventure exploring the wonders of God’s creation and grow in community with each other. Through monthly fun activities and crafts, the kids will get to taste and discover for themselves how good God is (Psalm 34:8). We want to expand God’s kingdom through kid’s ministry, so we encourage kids to invite friends and neighbours to join, have fun, learn more about God.

How it Works

Screened volunteers run the program for all kids within grades 1- 6. Kids are also encouraged to invite friends and neighbours. Every third Sunday of the month, we will deliver THE ADVENTURE BOXES to the kids’ homes to engage in hands-on activities during the week. Every fourth Friday of the month, there will be a zoom meeting where the kids will share their experiences. The zoom meetings will take place from 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm (30 minutes).

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