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Bring the Hope

“Some time later the brook dried up because there had been no rain in the land. Then the word of the Lord came to him:” 1 Kings 17:7-8 NIV

Do you feel like your world is drying up and everything is on a standstill? How do you feel when the momentum ceases and money stops flowing? Are you feeling scared or depressed?  Elijah had a similar experience as well. The Lord led him to Kerith Ravine (v.5) where the supply of food and water was plenty. Life was great and then everything came to a grinding halt. But notice Elijah’s response to this unpleasant situation. He did not complain, did not panicked nor questioned God. Why? It is because while he was at Kerith Ravine, he learned some important lessons:

  1. The place was peaceful but not permanent. God led him there to keep him away from King Ahab, but it was not a retirement place.
  2. It was a learning experience of God’s provision. The ravens brought him bread and meat (v.6) How cool is that?
  3. It was a preparation for a greater adventure. God was preparing Elijah for what is about to come. The famine is not a hindrance to his ministry but an opportunity.
You may feel stuck right now because of this pandemic. There are many ministry leaders who are feeling anxious because of the new “normal” we are experiencing right now. May the glories of the past remind us that nothing in this world is permanent. There will be time of harvest and there will be famines as well. In addition, may our history remind us that our provisions come from God and not from people. He alone is our Jehovah Jireh. Finally, be ready for what God is about to do in your life and ministry. Things may be on a standstill, but God does not. He is always on the move in doing great things for you. Like the woman in Elijah’s time, there are people around us who are suffering and desolate. God is calling us to bring the hope of the Gospel to them. Pray that you will see the door of ministry opportunity God has prepared for you.

Norman Doromal

FMI Missionary to Canada
Ministering at Prairie Light Christian Fellowship in Drake, Saskatchewan
Former Lead Pastor of Lighthouse Christian Fellowship in San Bruno California. Together with wife Fanny and sons Noah, Nehemiah, and Nirel, moved to Canada as FMI Missionaries to help plant churches, train leaders, and assist Foursquare Churches particularly in Saskatchewan and Manitoba Unit.