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Cornerstone Church is pleased to announce our 2021 Online Annual General Meeting.

As the online voting platform permits one vote per attendee, we are sorry to announce that for this year the meeting is not open to non-members of Cornerstone Church.

Each member should log-in to the meeting seperately because each device permits only one vote. 

If you are a member of Cornerstone Church, please ensure you register.

If you would like to become a member of Cornerstone Church, please click on the button in the BECOME A MEMBER section and fill in the online form.  You will then be contacted regarding your membership.

Please download the Church Council Member Ratificaiton file, or choose the 'Meet Our Nominees' button to view our new council members.

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New Church Council Members

Each year we nomiminate and ratify new church council members.

As a member of our church, you get to say 'amen' to our nominations.

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Become a Member!

Membership is a meaningful step of formally acknowleging your connection to Cornerstone Church.

Please take a moment and fill in this online form to start the memership process.

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