• CALGARY CAMPUS 9:45AM @ 1227 48th Avenue NE
  • AIRDRIE CAMPUS 11:15AM @ #209, 2903 Kingsview Blvd

The Next Season of Campus Ministry – Announcement

Cornerstone Church – The Next Season of Campus Ministry April 23rd, 2017 Announcement

On January 1, 2009, after four months of transition, Cornerstone Church was established as a two-campus ministry. Over the past eight years, we have grown together in unity and purpose, doing our best to “Follow Jesus Together.” Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to overcome the challenges we have faced by meeting not only in two different locations, but also in two very distinct and separate cities.

We are now facing the next step in the life of our church. A step that we trust, is directed by the Lord.

Airdrie and Calgary both deserve undivided attention. While we will remain a two-campus church, there needs to be a unique focus by each campus into the city in which it is located. Airdrie Campus focussing on Airdrie, and Calgary Campus focussing on Calgary.

In order to facilitate this, our staff appointments need to change.

Effective in September, with the unanimous and full support of our church council, Pastor Brad will be appointed as our Airdrie Campus Pastor, giving direct leadership and pastoral care to our Airdrie congregation. Alongside Brad, Pastor Matt will also be ministering in Airdrie.

Pastor Barry will continue to serve as the Lead Pastor of Cornerstone Church, however the majority of his time will be serving at the Calgary Campus. Pastor Chris will also be ministering in Calgary.

Brad and Matt pastoring in Airdrie. Chris and Barry pastoring in Calgary.

Eve and Debbie will remain serving as Cornerstone Church secretaries, based out of our Calgary Campus location, until a change is needed.

Staff assignments are only a part of the transition. We will take the next few months to navigate through the changes we all will face, discovering what ministries need to be campus specific, and what ministries can remain combined.

There will be many opportunities for questions and interaction over the next four months, and you are welcome to talk with our staff and our church council, but for now, please join with your church leadership in covering this transition in prayer, and trusting that Jesus will continue to build His Church, as we partner with Him to reach our cities for Christ.

Following Jesus Together,
Your Pastors & Cornerstone Church Council